Creation and destruction.
Faith and jealousy.
Knowledge and power...

The flames of war are raging ceaselessly in the land of Mevion.

The Legion of Order, followers of the goddess of peace Elenne, seek to restore harmony to the land through the pacification of their foes. The Legion of Chaos, those who believe power itself is justice, fight to bring about revolution through destruction. These forces have clashed in countless battles, both sides winning glorious victories and suffering crushing defeats. Yet, there is no end in sight to the war.

It all began 500 years in the past. The residents of Mevion coexisted peacefully with the Monsters that inhabited the world around them. Many Monsters were even kept and raised as pets. This peace was made possible and maintained by a blessing granted by the Holy Treasure known as the Estoria.

The Arton Catastrophe
On one stormy night when dark clouds dominated the sky, the Estoria was shattered in an event known as the "Arton Catastrophe." Without the Estoria's blessing, monsters left their masters in droves, causing mass confusion and distrust among Mevion's residents. Amidst the panic, many took up arms and marched out to restore the peace and destroy those responsible.

Alliances were formed and the innumerable armies of Mevion split into two factions: the Legion of Order and the Legion of Chaos. Each Legion erected a stone Idol to represent them and symbolize their cause. With the divine protection granted by the Estoria fragments contained within their Legion's Idol, Warriors struggled for supremacy and dreamed of becoming champions.

Now, rumors of a chosen Commander are spreading like wildfire.
For this Commander and the Allies bound to them,
the final battle looms dark on the horizon...

war of legion
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War of Legions
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