♦Protection of Individual Private Information

Ateam considers the protection of all personal information in our possession as a top priority and follows the following policies in protecting personal information.

♦Individual Private Information Protection Policies
1. Our company handles individual private information received through, but not limited to, information service companies, member registrations, promotional offers, and jobs applications. Ateam will not use this information for any purpose that exceeds the range necessary for the achievement of the specified purpose it was intended for.
2. Our company values everyone’s personal information and follows all laws in connection to acquiring and managing personal individual information and follows protection standards in our efforts to protect information we have in possession.
3. Our company has appointed a qualified professional who is responsible for the management and protection of personal information and works to certify that information in our possession is protected from being leaked or damaged. This individual also makes sure that our company is taking reasonable security precautions in protecting all information. Moreover, in the range necessary to achieve the purpose of using personal information, we will make efforts to keep information in our possession up-to-date and accurate.
4. Our company will continuously improve the management system and use latest information technological methods related to personal information protection to maintain the utmost security of personal information in our possession.
Handling of Individual Personal Information
Ateam promises to follow laws and standards concerning the protection of personal information and to handle information properly in accordance with the following.
1. Management of Personal Information
Our company in accordance to laws, guidelines, and in-company rules, follows an effective safety management plan to protect personal information from leaks, damages, misuse, and any unwanted actions. Moreover, we actively educate staff and enforce the appropriate handling and protection of any personal information that they may deal with.
2. Acquiring and Purpose of Use of Personal Information
Our company collects personal information through proper means. When our company intends to acquire personal information, the purpose of use will be provided to customers before it is collected.
3. Our company will use personal information in the range necessary to achieve the following tasks:
  • • To develop a new product and/or service, or improve an existing product and/or service.
  • • To deliver any confirmations via e-mail and/or mail.
  • • To provide confirmation of registration to a membership service.
  • • To delivery a purchased product.
  • • To send any remunerations for cooperating in a questionnaire.
  • • To send any prizes won in promotions that were participated in.
  • • To deliver information related to provided products and/or services.
  • • To report on and/or confirm the acceptance of a recruitment application.
  • • To send an answer to any received inquiries.
4. Personal Information and Third Parties.
Our company, excluding the following conditions, will NOT provide personal information to any third party.
  • • With the customer’s consent beforehand to share information.
  • • When the information is provided for proper supervision by a certified outsource company.
  • • When the information was acquired for the purpose of being provided to a third party, with that purpose clearly stated.
  • • To protect someone’s life or property when it is difficult to obtain the customer’s permission
  • • When information is demanded by a court of law or is required by law by an official government body or national organization.
About Privacy Policy Revisions
Ateam reserves the right to makes changes to this Privacy Policy at its sole discretion.
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